About Jivason & Company

About Jivason & Company

We are private Legal Practitioners who conduct general litigation in civil and criminal cases including cases involving the interpretation and application of the Constitution, and cases relating to local and international Commercial Law, Tax Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Constitutional interpretation, Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, General Litigation, International Banking and Finance Law, Corporate Finance Law, Insolvency Law, and International Commercial Arbitration.

Jivason & Company is regulated by the Malawi Law Society, a statutory professional body for Lawyers in Malawi. We have attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Malawi and admitted to represent clients before all courts in Malawi. Our attorneys are also capable of presenting their clients’ matters before international courts/tribunals whenever need arises.

We also act as Conveyancers, Notaries Public/Commissioners for Oaths, Trademarks and Patents Agents, Executors and Administrators of Deceased Estates, and Mediators.

For 12 years, our goal has been to efficiently provide cost effective legal services to both individual and corporate clients. This goal remains the same today to both new and existing clientele.

Jivason and Company has offices in the Cities of Mzuzu and Lilongwe in the Republic of Malawi. In Mzuzu City, our office is situated close to Katoto Seventh Day Church, near Katoto Filling Station. In Lilongwe City, our office is situated in Area 15, off Paul Kagame Road from Riverside Hotel. Phone: +265999680850, +265881825448, +265999791605. Email: counsel@jivasonmw.com

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