Criminal Law Advice and Support

We handle all criminal law matters including corruption and abuse of office cases, money laundering cases, and road traffic matters.

We also act as private prosecutors of suspected criminal offenders. Aggrieved clients have in a number of cases engaged us to take up cases from the State prosecutors and privately prosecute their alleged offenders.

Our criminal law practice assists people charged with offenses, appearing before the Malawi Police Service, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, and any court of law.

Our emphasis is on providing you with accurate legal advice about criminal charges levelled against you, in ALL criminal charges including the following:

  • • Murder/Manslaughter;
  • • Treason/Sedition;
  • • Corruption/Abuse of Office;
  • • Money Laundering;
  • • Drug Offences;
  • • Assault;
  • • Robbery Offences;
  • • Firearms and Weapons;
  • • Sexual Offences;
  • • Perjury and False Statement;
  • • Bail Applications;
  • • Importation;
  • • Extortion Offences;
  • • Immigration Offences.

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